RONTHEA Walletic - Redefined A Minimalist RFID Travel Wallet

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Being lightweight and simplistic, this wallet is suitable for any pocket of yours! With a capacity of 8-12 cards, you can easily carry.


First layer high-quality leather / strong magnet / rubber band / RFID material

  •  Leather Type: South Korean Napa environmental protection first layer cowhide
  •  Magnet type: NdFeB N45 magnet
  •  Lining material: Black microfiber lining/ 210D black nylon

Main feature:

  •  Cash pocket: 5-20 bills
  •  2 main card pockets: 2 cards (1 per slot)
  •  1 drawer pocket: 3-5 cards
  •  2 hidden card pockets: 2 cards (1 per slot)
  •  Mobile phone card pocket: 2 SIM card/ memory cards (small card size)
  •  Elastic rubber band pocket: 2-4 cards (can also store documents)
  •  Pull-out rubber band slot: can store a pen (length 7.5cm * width 1cm)
  •  Change pocket: can store coins/keys or small trackers
  •  SIM CARD mobile phone access card pocket: 1 SIM pin (iPhone SIM pin size)

Dimensions and weight:

  •  Opened length: 236mm
  •  Closed length:  120mm
  •  Opened thickness:  3mm
  •  Closed thickness:  7mm
  •  Height:  82mm
  •  Maximum bill length: 100mm
  •  Maximum bill height: 76mm
  •  Magnet size: 25mm*5mm*1.5mm
  •  Nano SIM size: 12mm x 9mm
  •  Phone card pin size:  8mm x 30mm
  •  Weight: 36.18g
  •  Currency reference: RMB/JPY/USD/CAD/EUR/THB and other common currencies.


Forget about your old wallet, introducing – Walletic

People use wallets in their everyday lives, but they often notice that when they place their wallets down on the table, there is a warped and unattractive appearance to it, even when it isn’t containing much. On top of that, such a bulky wallet often causes discomfort on the spine when it is placed in the back pocket.


Especially when you are wearing an appealing outfit, a large wallet could appear over exaggerated, drawing attention towards the wallet instead of your outfit! 

Sometimes, I get anxious about taking out my wallet from my pocket due to the reoccurring problem where my card falls out. When the wallet has a poor design, with an unreasonable card slot structure, cards can easily fall out, and it can be very troublesome trying to pick it up!

This wallet can accommodate to everything: From business cards, to coins, keys, SIM cards, and phone pins! On top of that, this wallet provides a RFID protection for all your cards, as well as a cash pocket, and a hidden back pocket. With many different positions, such as a multi-functioning pull-out position, commonly used positions, as well as an elastic storage space for rubber band position, there are endless possibilities to what you can do with this wallet!

 Holding 8 cards, 10 banknotes, 3-4 banknote, and a TTool, you will notice that it retains its slim profile.