RonThea Special Edition | Ostrich leather Penclip Type-B

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Osrich leather Penclip Type-B


  • Two color Leather
  • Redesigned cufaway corner for quicker access
  • Stylish silhouette
  • Two tones stiches
  • Black tanning edges
  • Two new added holder (Mini pocket for small items, Black elastic band for more options


Ostrich leather, Full Grain leather, Elastic Band, 2 Strong Neodymium magnets - Type N42

Dimensions: 5.75cm * 2.75cm

Weight:  24.81g 

Thickness: 9mm

Magnet Size:  2cm * 2cm * 0.3cm

Pen Size: 0.9 cm  (Min) / 1.8 cm (Max)


 Please note: This clip is a limited edition, made to order. Please allow up to 4 week for processing before item is shipped, and up to 7 days for shipping.