Penclip Story

The Story of Penclip by

Back then when Thea and I were sketching ideas, sometimes we go to the park, sometimes we go the coffee shop, and sometimes we were in the middle of the street, stopped, and got inspired by the surronding.
We always have a sketch book with us, and of course when you have a sketch book you need a pen to put your ideas and imagination down. So, the pen became part of our daily life, a must have item in our hands or pocket or in the bag.
The pen and the sketch book always stored in different compartment in our bag. Sometimes, we go without having a bag, or pocket, so the left hand holding the sketch book and the right hand holding the pen. It was fine until one day, an idea pop up, what if we can put the pen and sketch book together as ONE, to make it more convenient to carry? The pen can be hold securely with the sketch book or any book?
So we begin searching for ideas, and reference. There are some notebooks that came with a small strap that lets you hold the pen, it is the most common solution, but without style, and sometimes they comes with magnets, but they weren’t strong enough. However, not every single note book, sketch book, or any book that’s comes with a strap that holds a pen, and if they do, they don’t hold all types of pen.
After several months of sketching, finding materials, prototyping, and finally, we have a penclip that we ourself can put together, with the book and hold the pen securely. This is how the Penclip was born. A cool little or accessory, gadget that came to life, from our designing journey. It’s thoughtful, useful and just cool. It’s not just a penclip, it can do so many other things as well. This Penclip became one of the must have item in our daily life now and so does many backers and supporters around the world. We have sold more than 10,000+ pcs and the number is still growing. I’m sure you will like it one you saw the quality and how cool this clip is when you hold on your hand.